Our father,James Williams , had wanted to start out on his own for many years. Starting to work in a funeral home in 1952 and studying to obtain his Funeral License his dream finally came through. 

Moving his family to Gordon,GA became a reality. 

We lived upstairs in the funeral home and all helped around the family business. 

He was also running the ambulance service in Wilkinson County. The very first Ambulance service for the county. Responding to car wrecks, heart attacks and carrying expectant mothers to the hospital. 

In those days he also loaned out hospital beds, walkers and other equipment for home health care. And taking people back and forth in the Ambulance to Doctor appointments. 

For over 50 years the Williams family has served the people of Wilkinson county with Service and respect and humility. Friendships that have lasted for generations. We appreciate the people of Wilkinson County and humbly serve you and your family with open hearts.