James, Rick, Cameron & Spencer Williams
James, Rick, Cameron & Spencer Williams

 Williams-White Columns Funeral Home has served Wilkinson County and surrounding counties 50 years with Dignity, Reverence, Respect and Honor.

     As we pass through our 5th decade and  3rd Generation of service, we're building upon the firm foundation of integrity, compassion, professionalism and excellence in service that has become our hallmark since the tradition began in 1964....by my dad, James A. Williams. 

     Williams White Columns Funeral Home remains committed to upholding those same values. From offering this community ambulance service when there was none, to helping those that needed help when there was no one else... a legacy that James Williams started and now we continue on through our 3rd generation.

     Looking toward the future, we're grateful for the continued trust of  families throughout the Wilkinson County area.

We understand that there's quite a difference between just "having a funeral" and creating meaningful memories. With creative options, compassionate care and a continued commitment to excellence, we will continue to provide thoughtful and meaningful services that will merit your confidence. And we'll be here when you need us. The first to offer so many things to a community that we love.

"a friend of the family"

Thank you

Rick  Williams

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We aren't just a "funeral home", we're friends and our endeavor is to make every effort to honor the family's needs and desires, to serve them with care, dignity and compassion while trying to make a difficult time a little more bearable. It is an honor to be entrusted with the care of a loved one.  

This website is designed to provide information about our funeral home, the services we offer, grief resources and our caring staff. We will update this site on a regular basis, so please check back often.

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Cell Phones For Soldiers

Williams Funeral Home is proud to be a sponsor and collection center for Cell Phones For Soldiers. Bring in your old cell phones and accessories, working or not, and we will send them off to be re-cycled or dismantled. The collected cell phones are used to  purchase calling cards for our servicemen and women serving our country overseas.

click on the link to learn more